Showtime shelved a documentary "The Guantanamo Candidate" about DeSantis stationed at Guantanamo, one day after he declared for president

When executives at Showtime pulled a VICE documentary exploring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ experiences with Guantanamo Bay detainees, it was hard to ignore the timing: It was one day after DeSantis officially declared for president.

The Daily Beast has obtained a transcript of that unaired documentary, “The Guantanamo Candidate,” which was anchored by Seb Walker, a longtime correspondent for the Emmy-winning newsmagazine.

Among a number of insights into DeSantis’ past, the transcript features interviews with former prisoners and a former Naval staff sergeant-turned-Gitmo whistleblower who overlapped with DeSantis. All three allege inhumane treatment at the hands of the U.S. government, with the detainees directly implicating DeSantis—at the time, a junior-level military legal adviser—in approving and overseeing brutal measures.

Rather a blockbuster scoop for The Daily Beast. Did DeSantis oversee forced-feedings and other torture at Guantanamo? That much isn’t established yet, but why was this documentary pulled, and by whom? (perhaps his ghastly rictus when trying to smile was based on prior experiences? ff…@#$!)


So, they deny a hero in the War against TERRORTM his hard-earned praise for championing Robust InterrogationTM? How woke.

This shit must out in the open, all of it, for all of them.
And DeSantis must never again have any position of authority whatsoever.
(I’d be okay with stuff like putting him in charge of a prison’s library.)


Wouldn’t he remove the “woke” books?

We both know this is, infuriatingly, a hypothetical.
So in this particular prison library there would be nothing but woke books.

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… the original Proud Boy’s edgy magazine


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