Shut in sounds: Gary Numan singing and playing guitar from his den

You win.

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Careful there. I got blocked from posting on the BB BBS for 24 hours last time I sarcastically pointed out a typo in the headline of an article.

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Here’s a little snippit about Gary Numan. Not only is he a popstar. He also has a pilots licence… Imagine That!


It’s good to have something to fall back on.

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not just a pilot’s license… he was a team aerobatics pilot.
doesn’t pilot anymore cuz of wife, kids, and not wanting to die.


Typos drive the grammar goon clicks wright?

ETA - goon is kinda lame, but haven’t come up with a better replacement for the N word that should never be associated with our grammar sensitive friends!

I usually go with grammar pest.

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I just watched this - starts with 3 1/2 minutes of self-effacing mumbling. So charming and genuine.

How many here saw him give a presentation at Cornell University early last month (March)? The link below links to the video of the entire presentation. Gary Numan appears about an hour and change into it.

I share this every chance I get.


A lot of that is because he was very much down and out after trying to maintain pop relevance in the 80s, and then having a comeback after deciding to just start making the music he wanted to. I’ve seen him live a few times in recent years and it’s very clear that he doesn’t take his regained fame for granted and he’s very grateful that he gets to keep doing what he does.

There was a great documentary about him a few years ago- Android in La-La Land,I highly recommend checking it out even if you’re not a fan of his music.


Oh, I definitely am. I was all over Tubeway Army, early Human League, Devo, Kraftwerk, etc. in the late 70s. My friend and I practically wore out the cassette tapes we recorded of Replicas and Travelogue. I’ll look for it.


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