Sign helpfully warns of obstacle on forest path in Flintshire

Interstate I-270 is a limited access (motorway to Brits) highway between the Washington DC Beltway and Frederick, Maryland, where it meets Interstate I-70.

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Coincidentally I’m part way through an REM marathon, this seems appropriate:


I think they oughta change the name of West Montgomery Avenue there to Wes Montgomery Avenue. Wouldn’t be that hard to do.


I think this is a dual carriageway not a motorway. For one thing, if it was a motorway it would be illegal for pedestrians to cross it. For another, there are no motorways in Flintshire (or in fact anywhere in North Wales).

From the YouTube comments, it’s the A55 near Northop.


It’s here.

There’s a footbridge about 500m away in one direction, and another one about 800m in the other direction. (About 1/3rd of a mile, and half a mile respectively). I say foot bridges, but I’m guessing they’re also there so that farmers can still access their fields on each side of the road.

The mystery is why the sign doesn’t point anyone towards the bridges.

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[Starts humming theme from The Great Escape, breaks out emergency tea spoon, starts digging.]

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