Dangerous walking

Cory’s post about Duncan Campbell’s ECHELON revelations led to Vimeo, where Duncan Campbell had this other video in his collection. It’s about public unpaved rights of way in England and Wales and attempts by local landowners to block access and pretend these aren’t public at all.

This is for the walkers here. From what other people have said I know we are several. The program is from 1997, making it old, but the issues it raises are still relevant to anyone trying to walk any distance in a car culture. For your viewing pleasure.

I wonder how these rights have stood up to City of London-style international investment and development.


Also, I learned a new word today, which is always fun: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stile

As soon as I heard the Scottish accent I thought the guy would be an evangelist. It’s not that there is no trespass law in Scotland, it’s just that you only have to be responsible on any land as you pass through at will, can’t damage crops and such but by-way and through-way access is almost sacrosanct up 'ere.

Insofar as ‘trespass’ is treated in Englandshire, it seems the landed gentry have had quite a time what with the commoners and rabble cluttering up their fox-hunting enclosures and have curated their laws to allow appropriate countermeasures to those terrible oiks and their ‘walking’.

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