Man must remove fish pond from backyard because intruders might be injured

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The UK version of swatting, huh? As long as no one catches you trashing their yard, you can cause a lot of damage quickly.

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Does this mean people aren’t allowed to keep potentially bitey dogs in their backyards either?


Right up there with HOA’s being able to keep you from having a clothes line. Or mandating you paint your lawn green when we all run out of water. Or whatever.
Housing associations (and Home Owners Associations) are the devil’s work and I’ll never be part of one. Fuck that noise.


I feel like we’re missing some important details here. The picture on the BBC article doesn’t show a “pond,” it shows what looks like a huge, above-ground, shoddily constructed, straight-walled cinderblock vat.

The only person claiming that trespasser safety is the chief concern is the old guy who built the thing. I’m all for questioning foolish HOA regulations, but that monstrosity almost certainly violates any number of conventional building codes.

EDIT: The more I know about this whole thing, the stupider the faux-libertarian outrage is. This guy is trying to build a permanent, commercial fish breeding facility, in the backyard of a property he rents but doesn’t own, for which he has not sought permission from the property owner.


I’ll make sure to replace my glass windows with crystallized sugar so a burglar doesn’t cut themselves breaking in. Of course, I’ll probably need to put a nutrition label on them, just to make sure any diabetic thieves aren’t unintentionally harmed.


At first I was "well, that’s silly"
then seeing the picture, it looks like a commercial breeding facility.


A spokesman for Sovereign Housing said: “This is not about burglars, this is about making sure our homes are safe places for our residents and any visitors to the property. We’re also liable if someone does trespass on the property.”

Ah, so another exaggerated post headline, soup rice, soup rice.

I guess though given the topic, it’s appropriate that I was baited into clicking. ba dum fisshh


The UK has “fish pond police”, America is jealous.


Yeah! Oh I forgot I’m the President of our HOA, sorry over caffeinated today.


Doesn’t seem any different from laws that require a homeowner to have their swimming pool fenced, even if there are no children in the home. Mentally replace “pond” with “bear traps”, and image there are small children and pets in the neighborhood.


Like anything: 1% dickheads cause 99% problem.
I just can’t stand the idea of people telling me what I can and can’t do with my property- and yes, I know my town has zoning and ordinances and whatever. But if I want to paint huge pink polka dots on my house (and I don’t want to, notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat) I don’t want some neighbor with an opinion telling me I can’t.
It’s not a very practical thing for me, in many ways- I’m deeply unlikely to do something outside the ordinary with such a large investment on the line- but I like knowing that if I wanted to I could.

Maybe it’s my own version of Walter Mitty?


Evil. Pure Evil.


Requirements to fence pools etc are quite common in some European countries, there were deaths involved.

As to this Gentlemen, He’s spinning a line that our crappy press have picked up. The real details are in paragraph 19, as usual.

He’s built a crappy pond thing (That blockwork is really bad), on property he doesn’t own, and appeared to be using it for business purposes.

A quote from the housing association (who own the property, it’s ‘public’ housing):

Debbie Down, spokeswoman for Sovereign, said: ‘We don’t want to prevent anyone enjoying hobbies which may include fish keeping in a garden pond, but as the landlord we ask residents to get our permission if they intend running a business from their home or building a permanent structure.’


I imagine something like this: They tell him that the thing is unsafe and has to go. He argues that it doesn’t matter because nobody except him has any business being there. They say that’s not good enough. Then in his version that morphs into him being forced to bend over backwards to accommodate burglars.


Not at all, I used to own a 7 acre ranchette in Nor Cal, and I did as I wanted. I have great people as HOA Members and not so great. So depending on the Planetary positions, it’s a crap shoot every month. I did recently have to slap the wrist of a Member with a 10 barrel beer brewing system in his garage. Had he just disposed of the brewing slag properly, we’d never had known. The up-shot is he now he is composting with a local vegi grower and all is happy in our Hamlet, plus he it turns out he likes to share the brewing spoils with the HOA Members. Not a bad day’s work…


It’s still being constructed. Since it’s not complete it’s hard to say what the end result would really look like, though the result would be at a minimum hideous. The council’s complaint really is that he built a large permanent structure without permits, and I can see why they’d have wanted building permits for something that scale. Also he’s building it on a rental and according to the Telegraph article the landlord is also pissed.


I wouldn’t call that shoddy. A fish pond for fun should be beautiful, but a fish pond for profit should be functional. He may claim to be a fish lover, but it’s likely he’s in business. Here in the US, running an industrial business in your backyard is generally a no-no.


Hey, we have Fish Police.


I think it may instead be your version of Mr. Plumbean from The Big Orange Spot by Daniel Pinkwater.

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