Condo association threatens eviction of tenant with support squirrel


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May the power of the HOA compel you!

That’s what I say at my annual HOA meeting, it gets em rolling in the isles.


Island folk are known for their sense of humor. For the most part.


HOAs are useful in principle, but in practice the anal dipshits that wind up on their boards are the sort of people that were too petty for real public office.


Man I am compelled to call BS on it being a “support” squirrel - or even if they can be proper domesticated. But at the same time what harm is there in letting him keep it.

Today the kiddo and I saw a couple Sugar Gliders at a convention. Super cute little marsupials.

  1. Since when did squirrels become ‘exotic animals’?

  2. I once saw a guy in a rural convenience store who had a pet squirrel which seemed to consider him a really neat moving tree. It was way cute.


I know how he feels. My HOA forced me to get rid of my emotional support termites.


What does he do during the 5+ months of hibernation? One of my friends had a pet squirrel, she always referred to it as a seasonal pet as it would hibernate in the winter.


Yep. Id say he’s good to go


A quick glance shows they’re not considered “exotic” per Florida regulations. At best, it would be considered a Class III Wildlife in Captivity. They would be considered native per Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, “Exotic species are animals living outside captivity that did not historically occur in Florida.”

“(2) No permit shall be required to possess the following wildlife for personal use, unless possession of a species is otherwise regulated by other rules of the Commission:
(i) Squirrels; chipmunks”


ADA trumps HOA.


what that is the cutest thing i’ve ever heard :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


For management of PTSD and other psychological disorders, a support animal is any creature that helps the pt deal with anxiety, relax and employ skills they learn to contend with their malady. A fish, ant farm, or tarantula could be a psychological support animal. Plants work too (just think log lady from twin peaks), but a landlord isn’t going to take issue with a house plant.

For physical disability, the requirements for support animal are vastly more stringent, and the animals must be very well trained.

Srsly… fuck pet restrictions. If the animal isn’t obnoxious or destructive, let the tenant have their pet.

Agreed, HOA s are focal points of obnoxious and inhumane behavior. An attractive characteristic of a house I might buy would be the absence of a HOA. Can Zillow filter for that?


We should breed an antisquirrel to help people with seasonal affective disorder.


Winter in Florida? Whatchoo talkin bout?


During the decade I spent in Gainesville, the native citizens would freak out every time the temperature dropped below 40 degrees, and not because they were citrus farmers. :snowman::snowflake:


You guys are nuts


And apparently remarkably intelligent for their size.


Children or Sugar Gliders?


Attorneys also state Boylan is residing in the unit as a tenant without having applied for and/or obtained approval from the association.

This seems like the important part, IMO. Not the squirrel.