Woman kicked off plane for bringing her emotional support squirrel


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The only good squirrel is a dead squirrel.


You’ll get no emotional support from one of those rodents.

My Tomato Garden


A tip from the local Seattle plant growing madman. Keep out a small bucket of water as that is what the little gray beasties are after in the tomatoes.


What, no love for the tree rats?


The squirrel must have posed an immediate risk to the airplane and the passengers. I mean, we can’t let a little old lady carry a squirrel around can we? Of course not. People must only have pets and support animals from the approved list or the plane might crash. /s


How the hell did she even get to the plane? Like, is that a squirrel friendly airport? Or did they somehow scan her bags/body and not see a squirrel? Maybe they thought it was a toy squirrel and she taught it to stay super still. Are squirrels easily trainable? Are there other airlines that allow squirrels? Is there a squirrel room next to the smoking room at the airport where you can go groom your squirrel? Why does the word squirrel get harder to say the more you say it? So many questions…


So what if someone brings a squirrel on a plane. It’s not the worst animal you can bring on a plane: Homo sapiens sapiens.


Where do you draw the line, though?


To paraphrase SNL, nobody has ever used the phrase “Oh good, there’s a squirrel inside.”


What makes you think the list of approved animals is based on safety? They don’t even allow dogs or cats right now.




At safety. Rational, realistic, and reasonable safety.

I don’t. This clearly isn’t a safety issue. This seems more like a “punish people who don’t fit our mold” issue.


Why with the lines?
If humans can fly, why not everybody else?


As a frequent flyer for work, I don’t much care what people bring on a plane. Just keep that peacock from screaming and we’re good. It’s often the airlines’ response - in this case an unnecessary 2 hr delay - that is the main problem.


I would very much like to meet this woman’s squirrel.


Had an uncle that swore he made it through the Great Depression by eating squirrels. I never ate his mince pie again…


Eh, I’d say less “punish people who don’t fit our mold” and more along the mundane and impersonal lines of “let’s not open that can of worms”.


Maybe. I think it’s more about if you don’t follow the instructions of a flight attendant, things aren’t going to go well for you.


Ah, the classic authoritarian stance. Do what you are told even if it’s for no good reason or be punished.

If other airlines can fly with live goats and chickens…


This scenario is completely nuts.