Woman ejected from plane because she objected to dogs


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So, why didn’t she just switch with somebody to move away from the dogs? Surely SW flight attendants could have made that least amount of effort.


Always carry your allergy cards, people!


I’m aware of people carrying food allergy cards complete with translations for foreign travel but pet allergy cards that I’ve never heard of.


That is not how allergies work. If a dog is in that enclosed space, a long flight is going to be miserable (if not life threatening to some allergic people.)


I was on a cross country flight where a passenger politely complained of a service dog next to him and he was thrown out… of coach and up to first class.


I’m unfortunately horribly allergic to cats (sad) but, as long as I stay away from the dander zone I’m good but, yes I can see how being in an recirculated air space would be an issue. Baltimore to LA is indeed a long flight.

"Dumas (Guy who filmed the incident) said the woman asked for a type of injection to alleviate her symptoms after the crew told her they could not remove the animals.

Dumas said he heard a flight attendant say they needed a certificate to administer an injection, which the woman didn’t have. A pilot offered to let the woman exit the plane so an injection could be administered, but she refused, he said." NBCNews

I’m guessing she was referring to an Epipen. If she had one surely that would have been enough evidence for authorities.


I love animals so much I eat them.


I’ve been on a flight with a friend who is deathly allergic to cats. Called ahead and was made multiple assurances the flight would be cat free. Boarded and in walks a woman with a cat in a carrier. Flight attendant basically told him he can deal or get off the flight. No apology and not a thing from the airline at all. He always carries extra meds for such situations so all he had was a miserable time. (the meds only do so much for his allergies)

Its hilarious that you think a basic over the counter med is enough to deal with someone who is seriously allergic to things.


I would have volunteered to sit with the dogs.


Flying is fun.


I’m not so sure that entitles her to order the cabin crew to remove them.

Yeah, allergies suck. I have a mild allergy to entitled academics, personally.


The headline is misleading at best.

Was she removed because she is allergic to dogs and objected to two dogs being on the flight?


Was she removed because she is allergic to dogs and objected to two dogs being on the flight by becoming unruly and belligerent?

It matters does it not? I am not making light of the allergy, but if it is that severe, why is she not carrying something for it? A prescription/med? Notifying the airline ahead of time?

My oldest has a mild nut allergy. The dr wants her to have an epi on her just in case, but it is honestly not so severe that she can’t be in the same enclosed space. Generally she has a mild reaction when consuming them. If she was highly allergic, I’d communicate that ahead of time. And I wouldn’t expect they would kick someone off for eating honey roasted peanuts.

I guess if she had that much of an issue, I would think they’d have given her the choice to take a different flight and of course she balked “I shouldn’t have to leave…they can leave.”

I guess I just want more info here. Southwest is generally the best in the airline industry.


someone who says they are seriously allergic to things, including apparently such things as not being in charge of the airplane cabin, it seems. I mean, who would ever lie to get their way by manipulating people? Surely not the same person who throws a tantrum and has the cops called when they are denied service for their attitude, right?

There’s no OTC or prescription meds for humility.


That’s not how aircraft air systems work. The in-cabin circulation is vertical (floor to ceiling, IIRC). On newer aircraft, about 50% is recirculated via HEPA filters while on older aircraft there’s no re-circulation – air is dumped overboard after one pass. If she’s more than a few rows away from the dogs, she will not be exposed to them to any degree more meaningful than passing a dog on a city street.


You do know that some pet allergies are severe enough that just a “passing a dog on a street” can set off a terrible reaction right? Doubly so if the passenger was sitting and the dog walks by thus she is that much closer to a dander exposure.
The amount of victim blaming on this thread is disgusting.
(I am not saying this passenger was that allergic or that she wasn’t just entitled and throwing her weight around)


Some more details. I take no side in this, just find attitudes here towards allergies to be ridiculous.


No flight can be guaranteed to be allergen free. Check/Ask about possible pets before you board. People have to pay and show the clear to fly pet certification paperwork before boarding. If someone truly has a food and/or pet allergy, this is a bit old but still informative for some of the major airlines.


Unfortunately, being pet-friendly gets airlines more profit. The same is happening with hotels (a friend of mine was surprised by dogs running around at a convention center hotel where guest policies changed in the past year). People with allergies should no longer expect they will get priority or even basic consideration. If there’s no medication that will help, an alternate mode of transportation (or different location) is the only way to be safe.


I think that I am developing an allergy to flying and no Epipen or Benadryl will cure my affliction.