United Airlines denied a woman trying to fly with her emotional support peacock


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So she was…
[puts on sunglasses]
…cock blocked?



I have stood next to these birds many many times.



It’s a FLIGHTLESS BIRD, y’all.


There were a bunch running around one of the castles I visited in Lisbon. It seemed they were treated more as pests (a la urban pigeon) than something special.


As God as my witness I thought peacocks could fly


Seriously…a peacock…an emotional support peacock?!?

Just take a Xanax and get on the plane dammit!!!

I know I am being callous on this, but how in the hell is the emotional support animal a PEACOCK?!


growing up we had them (running wild) around our yard/woods (they can actually survive outdoors in the winter in Wisconsin). They worked well as guards as they would loudly call out any time a car pulled into the driveway. So loud you could hear them inside the house.


b/c a xanax looks boring on instagram and she is a performance artist and williamsburg and q u i r k y


You will get no emotional support from one of those bastards. Mean and nasty they are.


Just dropped by Ventiko’s website. Oh dear. I’ll just say that their work is not to my taste.


Is this a reference to something? Because peacocks can definitely fly.


So my emotional support hippopotamus isn’t gonna be there for me if I fly united?


To be honest I don’t literally mean take Xanax…more generically medicate yourself as most folks do when flying (prescriptions or alcohol I think is what most folks do).

I just am feeling that when you claim your support animal is a peacock…yeah, you’ve sort of lost me.


It must be hard to keep an eye on.


Oh, now I get it.


Can you say publicity stunt?


I ate a peacock once, it’s a long story fraught with debauchery, melancholy, and poor life choices.


For you or the bird?


I don’t kiss and tell.