Mark Thomas's Trespass

First of all, I am hopeless at reviews so I’m not even going to try to do it properly.

Last night was the first night of Trespass, Mark Thomas’s new show. No red carpets or celebrities though, just a bunch of Oxford lefties including myself.

After walking the length of the Israel barrier and breaking the world record for the most protests held in one day, he has decided to focus on the privatisation of Britains public spaces and how he thinks the 1930s Ramblers Association would have reacted to this. Of course, this being Mark Thomas, he ends up doing things like sitting down and making coffee in front of signs saying No Loitering and subverting bylaws. Remember, we are talking about the man who tried to fly a hot air balloon over RAF Menwith Hill (really the NSA) in 1999 because there were no airspace restrictions there.

The show is still being developed, and will presumably be finished for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but I enjoyed the show and would recommend it to anyone who has the chance to see it. In particular I think @doctorow should go and watch it if he has the time, because there is a lot of crossover with some of his previous articles about gentrification.

And keep an eye on the markthomasinfo twitter, there will be a related protest announced there later.


On phone to mother: Col. Gaddafi, Semtex, AK-47, Hezbollah, Martin Mcguinness, Jerry Adams, The UVF, The UVA, Swampy, Peace Protesters, Delia Smith, Shipment of Arms, British Aerospace, Nuclear Fuels…No I’m not smoking Mum, it’s a balloon… I swear I’m not smoking.

Love you Mark Thomas!

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