Sign is accurate. Swan is aggressive


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What vandalism!

Better call the cops.

On second thoughts, maybe not.


The Old Bill will sort him out and that swan’ll be up in front of the Beak in the morning.


No sign needed. They’ll find out soon enough. (With a small lake/pond, anyways)


S̶w̶a̶n̶ Angry Snake Disguised as a Bird is aggressive

Here, I fixed it!


She’ll be spending time in the pen, for certain.


There’s a potential pun in French…


The sign was the work of some anonymous, defamatory censorious troll and I cannot blame the swan for disrespecting it. It didn’t even have a cygneture.


The swan then demanded an apology from the signs’ author. Not unlike a certain angry pumpkin I know.


Also, FAKE NEWS, whole scene was staged by lying media.


It’s just the one swan…


This is another one of those deleted scenes from Rogue One, isn’t it?


Another instance.


Swans = bougie geese


i love this so much.



The only time I’ve truly been afraid of a bird was when I stumbled upon a swan with babies in tow.


We really should be putting them on the dinner table. Of course, Brits can’t but for the rest of us those are tasty tasty nuisance birds IMO.


My anti-swan suit, let me show you it.

Also good agains sword-wielding merman and West Bromley Fighting Haddocks.


To be fair, it was raised by ducks, who shunned it for deviating from their beauty standards.