Signal CEO is displeased at Cellebrite's announcement of compatibility with their service

Person of interest to BoingBoing and Signal CEO Moxie Marlinspike absolutely excoriated the fine folks at Cellebrite after they announced that they could access data from the Signal app. It’s worth a read, as he’s in fine hacker fettle here.


Signal app’s Moxie says it’s possible to sabotage Cellebrite’s phone-probing tools with booby-trapped file

It is possible to hijack and manipulate Cellebrite’s phone-probing software tools by placing a specially crafted file on your handset, it is claimed.
Signal app supremo Moxie Marlinspike said in an advisory on Wednesday that he managed to get his hands on some of Cellebrite’s gear, which is typically used by cops, government agents, big biz, and authoritarian regimes to forcibly access the contents of physically seized smartphones.

Cellebrite Good Times, Come On: Reverse-Engineering Phone Forensics Tools


Yeah, BB the OP seriously buried the lede.

Really great, ironic technical, legal and moral subversion of Cellebrite by Moxy Marlinspike at the link. He’s giving all defense lawyers a seriously powerful justification to have all Cellebrite data thrown out of court. Love the snarky and totally justifiable offer to trade exploits so both apps can be patched.


@rak0ribz_neo I think you are right bro. You should keep on this and keep wait for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I tend to understate things - this was a masterclass in CEO-level tech fuckery. It kept getting better, and I felt like I had to share it since my social circle is tired of hearing me talk about it.

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