Sikh coder's excellent protest sign at March for Science


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It is a good sign, but it doesn’t alleviate all the worries for Know-Nothings. His bug-free software might not be enough to outweigh the wrath of Jeebus aimed at a plane carrying a non-Christian.


This guy is my hero of the day


I work with a Sikh fellow, he has the most wonderful sense of humor. A valued colleague and good human being.


What worries me is that he believes his software is bug free.


He works in aviation. His code is bug free; if you’re working on any important system on an aircraft your code is verifiable, mathematically provable that it’s bug free.


Iff the tests are correct and bug free.


The flight attendants might have the greater likelihood of causing problems.


It’s a super sign, but the target audience may not be able to take in and comprehend so many words in one go.


I’ve really never had anything but pleasant encounters with Sikhs. I’m sure there are many exceptions so yes, that’s a stereotype but – fuck it – they’re really nice people.


Sure. But a finite state machine with formal verification is about as close as humans can get. (And usually with systems like this, we are looking at mathematical proofs rather than unit tests)


The Sikhs that I’ve known all have a wonderful sender of humor, too. They are lovely people.


Ah, but I have proved that the tests of the tests of the tests of the tests of the tests . . . of the tests are bug-free. Although it took me aleph-null sheets of dark matter paper to do so. Also, the concentration of the information seems to have closed the universe’s spacetime, overwhelming the dark energy and bringing about a Big Crunch. Sorry about that.


The only thing the target audience will see is a brown-skinned, bearded man who is wearing headgear that is not a baseball cap or a cowboy hat.

That tells them everything they need to know :cry:


I would have thought that unit tests would be required before sending them on their way. Certifications of some sort. They wouldn’t be necessarily expensive.


I’m trying to figure out if “that guy has a really Sikh sense of humor” would be an appropriate or distasteful response for that setup.


Sikh reply, brah.

  1. They believe in justice. and 2) they are trained warriors. They are good people to have on your side.



Oh, I drop that one on him all the time, he laughs his ass off or tuban.