Silicon Valley asks, “What’s in a [company] name?"


I don’t have time to watch TV. Seriously. I’m not trying to be snobbish, I’d love to. So I really wouldn’t know about the content of this post. BUT… I noticed that the time the article was posted was, “12:00 am Mon, Apr 21, 2014”.

I’ve had this arguement on here before. There IS NO 12:00AM, nor 12:00PM!! Those are meaningless, ambiguous terms. There are 12:00 NOON and 12:00 MIDNIGHT.

I guess that’s all. Sigh. Getting off soapbox now.

Well, there’s everything in a company name, i would spend good time to come up with something catchy and familiar for mine!

I have always worked under the assumption that 12:00 AM is midnight and 12:00 PM is noon. I follow the IETF guidelines on this. Not pedantically, but because they make sense.

I’m also crouching and covering my head because “Silicon Valley” seems to represent all of the self important BS that made me want to move away from the area in the first place.

Sheesh, and people accuse me of whining…

If you want to be picky, there is one 12:00 in a day.

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Canada have Justin Bieber, the Hitler of music
Hitler played the bassoon so he literally was the “Hitler of music”

Loved that sequence. Especially since Hitler did not even play the bassoon.

He probably would have noticed the name problem when he first tried to register a url.

Having a worthless check for a nonexistent company, they could have quashed the deal that gave the big company a license to their software. They should have a lawyer by this point, or one of those smart guys should be reading a business book.

The least realistic aspect of this story is that with 5 or 6 people in the project, someone should be doing nothing but sabotaging from the inside and complaining. Another one should be wearing out a pair of shoes trying to cut their own nutty side deal that sells out everyone else.

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