Silly French bulldog talks to train passengers in "doglish" (video)

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… my cat also talks to me

He’s pretty good at saying “hello” but beyond that it’s incomprehensible

He is a big boi, about 10 kg, probably helps move his voice down toward the human frequency range


I’ve tried to train my dog to say Mama, but it comes out more like this, but less coherent. He tried, though. He really, really tries, and he seems to actually get frustrated that he can’t make it sound right. And then he starts sneezing, because that’s what he does when he gets frustrated. And then I laugh. We have a good time.

ETA: Normally I wouldn’t suggest going to TikTok for anything, but do yourself a favor and go watch the other videos of this dog. OMG, I’m dying from laughing so hard.


“Help, I’m a human trapped in a dog’s body! She used her magic spells in anger when I ate the last of the Ben & Jerry’s! Stop laughing and help me! She’s bringing me to the vet to get neutered!”


I like it when dogs “talk”. I especially like huskies, they have so much to say.

I had a dog where I could get him to say “I love you”. It sounds like Scooby-Doo dong it, but it worked. He would also howl or sing with you!


Some of the comments are just as funny! In the McDonald’s drive-thru video, someone commented, “DONDE ESTAN MIS PAPITAS FRITAS!”


When I was a little kid I could hold a book up and pretend to read it out loud, making perfectly good nonsense words the whole time. I was about 3. And they made sense to me, especially the parts in yellow crayon I added myself!



Police scramble to locate person yelling "help" only to find that it was a goat. It didn't need their help. | Boing Boing


Our toy poodle makes some very strange vocalizations which I think are probably attempts at people noises. I’m nowhere near figuring out what she’s trying to say.

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