Silversmith shows how he makes chains and bracelets by hand

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It would have been very nice if he had gotten another person to hold the phone while he did the work. I think I saw a total of three seconds of actual silversmithing in this.


A lot of the processes are fairly protracted, like filing the flats onto the links, soldering the joints, etc. It would have been better if he’d shown how each link was twisted so that each link was in line with the next, instead of being at right-angles. I might send a link to my best mate for his comments, he’s been a goldsmith for thirty-odd years, and I’m certain would have something to say. :grin:

Like most videos, I skipped watching this one. (Bad eyes.) But I’ve seen silversmiths’ hands. Gnarly, almost-ruined hands. It’s reportedly torturous work. My partner considered going into the craft – until seeing what happens to hands.

I’ve read that working nickel-silver is even worse because the metal is harder. A local artisan works with a low-melting-point silver-oid metal. Carve a mold and pour a masterpiece or at least a decent piece of jewelry. That probably won’t work for chains but they’re available pre-made.

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