DIY: How to make an engagement ring in your workshop


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I’m sensing a metaphor here.


First the Engagement Ring, then the Wedding Ring, and finally the Suffering!

My Uncle Fritz at every wedding as I was growing up, what a card he was.


I made my wife’s engagement ring out of stainless steel. Much stronger than silver and no tarnishing!
(She’s really into penguins)

I probably spent more time building the delivery system though.


“I didn’t want some other ring that some other dude made on her finger.”

Somebody has not worked through his issues at all.

Silver rings don’t hold onto stones well, that specific bezel fit will loosen with time and wear; fingers change shape with pressure, time, and age. That ring has a 5 year lifespan. Which is about what I give this marriage. Possessiveness and ownership do not make for a lasting partnership.

Hope she takes insurance out on him, because that workshop and his safety failures are going to get him killed. (WTF: perfectly solid workbench and he’s crouched on the floor, using a torch on a cardboard box? Has nobody introduced him to the simple concept of fire bricks? And torch. But no fire extinguisher.) Props to the Dremel for trying to fix the problem of too dumb for power tools.

And one last… if he would just practice with fine work, maybe use a magnifier, he could have saved himself a whack of a lot of material costs by not having to grind off a lot of silver dust. Casting as he did it is about the worst way to make a ring.


That is great! Well done!


Many community colleges offer jewelry making classes, where people can learn about workshop safety.


Yeah, I took jewelry making in High School and College. I wasn’t great at it, but better than that.

ETA _ while the ring I bought was a designer knock off, I did design the wedding band, though I didn’t make it.





Here’s my DIY method for making an engagement ring:



I think that by ‘Nowhere near perfect diamond’ he either means synthetic, altered, or some other stone, like blue topaz, because even deeply flawed natural blue diamonds are not cheap /pedant


Kids, please don’t drill into things using your body parts as a backstop.


He did mention that while the stone was naturally sourced (not synthetic) it was heat treated to bring out the blue color, around 3:20 on the video.

Back when I was into jewelry making I wasn’t at all interested in diamonds, though the markup you could get for selling custom diamond jewelry made it worthwhile for many jewelry makers.



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