Watch this artisan make a gorgeous ring with walnut and crushed opal


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Very nice tutorial. I wish I could see what resin he was using to assemble the ring. I was worried that with all the resin he was applying when he was shaping it on the mandrel, he would have a bad time loosening it afterwards.

I made a ring something like that once, but used sheet silver and plexy, then riveted it together, rather than assembling it and turning it to finish.


It’s basically a ring made of cyanoacrylate.

It’s got an epoxy liner and some embedded wood, wire and stone, but it’s fundamentally made of superglue. I’m seeing a lot more interesting uses of CA since the spray accelerants have become widely available, especially in woodworking.

Very pretty and probably extremely durable.


Well that was mesmerizing. :slight_smile: I also like the show “How It’s Made” as if that was in any doubt. :wink:


Oh, great. Now I want to buy one.


Noice. Might try that myself.


If you want some American black walnut, PM me your snail mail address and I’ll send you as much as you’ll pay postage for. :). But I hear your local Aussie wood is pretty nice stuff!


The eucalypt stuff is nice to look at, but a bugger to work with; hard and full of flaws.

(red gum)

Most of the time I work with weed timber; camphor laurel, african olive, etc.

I recently had some nice bits of spalted acacia, though:


Gorgeous stuff, thanks for sharing it.


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