Turning a pile of broken glass into a lampshade

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That was a beautiful way to waste time. It still strikes me as an excessive amount of resin and his final outside layer could probably have been eliminated with just polishing and maybe spray lacquer.

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He made a right meal of that and the end product was less than impressive, but if he enjoyed making it good for him.

I’m old.



The end result was impressive (I’d certainly like one over my central ceiling pendant light fitting) but he did make a meal of it. Why not get an existing shade, coat it in some sticky stuff (sticky paper that could be later removed, burnt off or somehow dissolved away?), mount broken class all over, apply resin to the outside and then remove the inside. All the wood turning and mould making seemed unnecessary.

But maybe my comment in parentheses above is where the hard-to-achieve stuff is.

Chacun à son goût

It was the process that I found excessively elaborate and at the same time half-arsed – why build the wooden former and then only use half of it? Why take a flimsy mould of it and coat that with fibreglass?
A wax-coated card negative former supported by sand in a bucket would have worked just as efficiently for far less cost and effort.

Well, at least we agree about the process. :wink:

I’ll be happy to stand corrected by someone with better understanding of chemistry than me, but my general understanding is that all those wholesome and creative videos where someone ‘salvages’ or ‘recycles’ something by coating it in resin is the left’s equivalent of anti-vaxx.

I heard an interview with a designer who explained how she promptly stopped working with epoxy resin once she realised how the material is just an ecological disaster in the making. These makers are taking materials that are at least somewhat biodegradable, used skateboards for example, then coat them in a epoxy solution that can survive for thousands of years.

Came here for this.

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