Simon Pegg & Nick Frost's Slaughterhouse Rulez looks great


In the trailer, it looks like he is not having a Cornetto but some sort of ice cream sandwich.
Which is probably appropriate as Slaughterhouse isn’t by the same team as the Cornetto movies.

Looking forward to seeing it anyway!


The key is to use just the right amount of Kirschwasser.
My granddad on my mother’s side got it down pat.


Is it me, or do Sheen and Peg look like they are related?


I am familiar with those three films being a “trilogy”, but they aren’t technically sequels.

I think we can all agree they are all really good, though.

Ever see the short lived series Spaced?


Yep, Trilogy, but not sequels.

Spaced is fun, and the first series to cause the circle of people I know to all learn about how the BBC makes interesting television (i.e., Give someone 6 episodes. Done.)

This looks like a fun take on “teenagers all dying” Halloween movie. Probably better if you’re familiar with British schooling.


Fried gold.


Spaced was on Channel 4, not the BBC. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were in Big Train on the BBC though.


Privately paid for schooling that the majority of the population here won’t even be familiar with. Other than reading the stories from those who survived it like stephen fry, my guess is we won’t be seeing that in this.


Awesome, Pegg and Frost can pretty much do no wrong, but… this is very familiar. Ever read Pandaemonium by Christopher Brookmyre? Fantastic, silly, light read, and it’s a crime that it has never been filmed. All about a bunch of schoolkids. A portal to hell. Blood-soaked, demonic chaos. Tons of silly, black humour. Of course there are very significant differences in the set-up, but the overall picture’s the same.



Deep Fried Gold!


Thanks for the correction. So it’s all British TV production, not just the BBC?


More or less, Auntie Beeb set the standards.
An exception are shows intended from their inception to be sold to American networks; usually stuff you couldn’t finance otherwise.

The Anderson’s Space: 1999 was a salvage operation - UFO had only been possible with money from syndication in the US. They were already in pre-production for another series (including sets for a much bigger, upgraded moonbase ), when the follow-up deal for syndication fell through. They had to muddle through for a while, but eventually managed to re-use most of the work already done for the second series of UFO by designing a new series around it, which they were able to sell.


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