Gunnar Hansen, "Leatherface" from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, RIP

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Is that the same Hansen who the whole thing?

Now I feel really guilty. I tried to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre a few weeks ago, got about twenty minutes in and just couldn’t handle it. I know it’s a classic and from what I saw is really well-done…maybe just a little too well-done for me.

Hail and farewell Mr. Hansen.

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I’ve never seen it. It really looks like the title is the best part - at least, from the outside.

I still haven’t seen it but I have it on my list of to see after listening to, damn it I forget which director (Eli Roth? John Landis?) talk about it at the horror movie exhibit at EMP.

ETA: link to the exhibit… and to say if you are in or gonna be in Seattle and are a horror movie fan it is worth seeing and the Science Fiction geekery bit of EMP too.

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My family and I were hanging out in the green room at a sci-fi/fantasy convention when he offered to babysit our kids so my wife and I could have a private dinner out. We ordered pizzas for Gunnar and the kids, and left them to watch movies (He was doing a frame-by-frame critiquing of various scenes in horror movies for the kids when we returned). It was a very nice gesture on his part and I always appreciated it.



Gunnar and I used to hang out at Big Daddy’s Pizza on the drag in Austin. (We were UT’s only Math/English double majors at the time.) One day, he said he was going to try out for a part in a movie being made by this Tobe Hooper guy, who also frequented Big Daddy’s. I had something else to do that day, so I didn’t go with him. But if I had … I’m the same body type and actually had some acting experience…


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