Frankenhooker. Seriously


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The movie wasn’t the only thing that got made


Come on, it’s a classic. (I have seen it)


Did they throw in the bit at 1:07 just for the folks who get turned on by John Carpenter movies?

48 AM


Isn’t that kind of the plot of everything from Metropolis to Weird Science? Hardly surprising. Also, Rule 34 and all that.

But remember: technically it’s Frankenhooker’s Monster, the creation of Dr. Frankenhooker.


A Terrifying T


James Lorinz always seemed like the B-movie answer to Andrew McCarthy to me.


Everyone has seen this movie, haven’t they?
If not, why not?


This movie got made.

Is that a question?


Not only made but made with a TALKING BOX

If you pressed the button, it said her only catch line “Wanna date?”

Also, I’d say the whole movie was readable as a feminist cautionary tale for men on the whole madonna/whore body-image thing too. Been a long time since I watched it though so I am open to being challenged on that too.


With Louise Lasser in the credits? I want a date!


'D be something to tell the grand-kids.

“In my day the hookers weren’t made from just one woman, up hill, in the snow, both ways.”


At least true love prevails. (NSFW) & spoilers


The middle act was a little slow, but I tried to judge it on its artistic merits personally. Some very avant-garde, near ground breaking stuff.


Basket Case and Brain Damage are better, but this one was fun.


Well all know the answer starts “A mommy movie and a daddy move who love each other very much …”


has to be one of the greatest written and delivered lines in cinema history right there…

“Where’s my johnson?!”

I am waiting for 45 to retroactively force the Academy to recognize this and give Oscars to all.


Frankenhooker: A Modern Pro


This movie got made.

Well sure it did, where’ve you been?


Didn’t you see where they said “from the makers of Basket Case”? If they’re servicing fans it’s their own.