Frankenhooker. Seriously


Does anyone else smell a REMAKE in the air?!


I liked it better when it was called Weird Science.


I recall being already slightly ill when we went to the theater to see this. It was hard enough to watch, but having everything swirl around with vertigo wasn’t helping.


No, technically it is Franken’s hooker.

Confession time! As OTT and tasteless as this movie is, it is pretty solid and entertaining. I have probably seen Frankenhooker in the cinema more than any other single movie. Probably 10-12 times. If I had friends who liked crazy movies but hadn’t seen it, I had to bring them. Ah, the days of having had time! And money! And friends!


Frankenhooker’s Monstress.

This is a stupid, monster movie, so I can make words up.


My ex-wife and I watched this about twenty years ago on VHS. For months afterward, at random intervals we’d make the Frankenhooker lip-twitch expression at one another.


Huh, even Conservapedia doesn’t have any mention of that one and they’ll latch on to ANY libelous claim about a progressive politician.


Where did it have such a long run? Were you catching it multiple times in a day?


Hennenlotter was definitely one of the pioneers of “body horror”.


The Coolidge Corner Theatre IIRC had the movie for several short runs that year.

Not that I recall! I hardly ever do that.


Never even heard of it until just now. And i’ve seen a lot of B movies


This movie has parts that are genuinely intentionally hilarious through sheer over-the-top flimmaking.

The rest of what’s around it not so much of course.


One of my favorite things about this is that, according to legend anyway, the writer/director came across Bill Murray in a Hollywood bar. He told Murray about the film and asked him for a quote. Without missing a beat (as I like to envision it) Bill Murray responded: “If you see one movie this summer, see Frankenhooker.”


I have to disagree. The best line is:
“Poor Zorro. His bitches blew up!”

I’ve been reading Boingboing for years, but created an account just to post that.


I also found very funny how the Frankenhooker was alternating “Hey baby want a date?” with “Jersey boy loves to party.”

Truly a rich universe of worldbuilding here.


Well then, here ya’ go then.


My take is that Henenlotter is working in very low-art, trashy mode - but with a lot of self awareness, and a satirical streak which often goes unrecognized. I doubt if Frankenhooker is any more unintentionally hilarious than Pink Flamingos or other 70s era John Waters. It’s just a case of playing with the sometimes absurd conventions of both culture and schlocky cinema alike for their own amusement. I have talked about Frankenhooker with star James Lorinz, and it was apparent that all involved were enjoying the creative and technical limitations. If its tongue was any more in-cheek, it would be poking out its ass.


Seems to be available on Youtube, we shall see i suppose. Will save this for when its closer to Halloween, that and Killer Klowns From Outer Space


Best B movie ever!


Frankenhooker’s existence is no problem since it never seems to take itself seriously. A few searches on Patty Mullen, Penthouse Pet are probably in order, too. For mysterious reasons, I never noticed that her eyes were green.