Meet the female Ghostbusters


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That’s who you gonna call!


Very interesting casting choices. Could this be that rarest of birds, the non-horrible remake? Arguably Ghostbusters II was enough of a cynical cash-in for the whole series.

Not feeling the costume design though. Seems… kind of bland and unfinished? The hi-viz touches read like ‘street sweeper’ to me, which is, hmm, not what I expected.

Edit: Found this. Of course those looked unfinished without the shoulder patches. The rest of the comment stands though. :smile:


I hope Leslie Jones’ character doesn’t die first.



I’m VERY excited. I’m VERY pleased.


I was kindof disappointed that they looked bland, but then I looked back at the original uniforms:

… it’s going to be the actors that bring these characters to life again :slight_smile:


“What’s the point of having women in a movie if we aren’t focusing attention on their breasts?” - whoever is responsible for those stripes…


Me too. I love Leslie Jones… and Kate McKinnon. In theory, none of them will die, right?


Let’s hope the new writers value praxis.


Well, if it’s a full on reboot of the original film, they all come through at the end.

Also, a bit OT, but my spousal unit was saying the other day that he wonders if Jones is getting typecast as the yelling, angry, black lady on SNL. I dunno. She’s great, though. I wish she were on SNL more.


Is it too mainstream of me to say I am looking forward to Wiig the most?

The image here is broken for me. So a courtesy repost for others that may have the same problem.


Definately feels weird without the shoulder patches and name tags. Still, they’re basically grabbing first responder gear right?


I can’t decide which one would be the Egon parallel. Any one of them could be the genius of the bunch.

Though probably not McCarthy’s character, the image composition puts her front and center so she’s probably the Venkman role.

Unless they’re going to surprise all of us and it’s just not the old characters in women’s bodies.


As much as I love the originals, this is what I hope for. Every one of them is a strong comedian.


But, look at Kate McKinnon! That hair… those glasses… And Jones is just my tall ass hero. Look at those kick ass hoops!!!

I’m all about this movie and all 4 of them, actually.


McKinnon!!! Someone pointed this out on the io9 thread, but look at this, then look at McKinnon:


Oh, I noticed. But the grimaces Wiig pulls are comedy gold to me.


Maybe… I do think this is an incredibly strong cast. I can’t imagine the “man” version being made will come anywhere close to this.


It’s a movie about ghosts. Death does not necessarily preclude a character making it all the way to the end of the movie.