Meet the female Ghostbusters

It needs the logo patch at least, but it looks like in another shot of costumes it does have that. So maybe this is an early shot. Or they will CGI them on later. (hah)

This probably isn’t a posed shot, but that black girl’s expression (Kristin Wiig?) is hilarious. Sort of a “What have I done look.”

So do we know the back story? I think it would be cool if they were daughters of the originals. We could see some cameos of the surviving members. Or is this an alternate reality reboot? Either way, hope it is well written.

i loathe melissa mccarthy. i hope this movie bombs.

So long as we don’t get ghost whisperer crap.

The original was ‘science vs old mouldy sumerian gods and science kicked its fucking ass.’

Please for the love of FSM… No ‘science isn’t working we must go do things their way!’ Look at this video below. Dude does a good job of running down the highs and lows of the original movie.

Why would you want to destroy a beloved franchise because you don’t like one actor. That is pretty petty.


They are already destroying a beloved franchise by making this be a remake. I have nothing against the actors involved. I just wish it it didn’t come at the expense of throwing out the old movie. Should be a sequel (feel free to ignore Ghostbusters 2)

How is the old movie being thrown out?

I have no interest in this reboot, but I don’t object to it existing.

Bill Murray killed the franchise by refusing to do part 3, I guess, or maybe put it out of its misery. I still like Ghostbusters 2, though.

It really would have made sense to name them left to right, wouldn’t it? But no, that’s Leslie Jones. In order: Wiig, Jones, McCarthy, McKinnon.

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This is a remake, thus the old is being thrown out. Same original story, new cast. To me that is just shitting all over the original. That it no longer has a place and must be made new with a new cast.

Thanks for clearing it up. I have no idea who anyone is (I am actually REALLY bad with names in general).

Hey - here is another photo. I dig the boots.


It looks like they got the ghostbusters logo back on the shoulder in that shot too!

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I though it conceptually clever that the car remains a cheaply bought and put together 30-year old Cadillac (apparently a hearse instead of an ambulance now?). Of course, those had a lot more character in 1959 than in 1984.


Yes but the new Ecto-1 has Slimer as a hood ornament.

So it’s kind of a wash on which car is better.



Yeah, his comment history is pretty petty.

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