Simon Pegg & Nick Frost's Slaughterhouse Rulez looks great

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Would this movie be Black Forest or Red Velvet?


judging by the trailer, there’s a lot of dark, black forest happening. so that’s my choice.


Much as I like Frost and Pegg, I would credit more the writer/director Edgar Wright for those excellent movies; alas, he is not directing this one.


Mine as well.

So basically a better looking version of The Gate?

Though I love Pegg and Frost as a duo.

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Billing says “with Simon Pegg” and “with Nick Frost”. I hope they don’t end up with five minutes of screen time each.


I bet the kids getting picked off one by one is the central plot, though Pegg gets top billing on IMDB.

No, surprisingly it’s Crispian Mills of Kula Shaker fame.

More surprisingly it’s not his first film

And more surprisingly still it’s not even his fist film with Simon Pegg!

Though to give him his due he does have Hollywood in his DNA with his mother Hayley and grandfather Sir John winning an Oscar apiece

I think IMDB arranges them by whoever has the most popular IMDB page

For @Mister44, The Prodigy and Crispian Mills

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Frost’s 5 minutes in Attack the Block turned a good movie into an excellent one.


Off topic, but there exists a little known film (even Tarantino was unfamiliar with it when I mentioned it to him) with both Hayley and Sir John called The Family Way (1966). Also starring Hywel Bennett. It is a lovely, quiet and veddy British film that I am pretty sure earned one of the very first X ratings (under 16 not allowed) from the newly formed ratings board; it’s about impotence and pregnancy, you see. Possibly Sir John’s finest performance. Oddly enough, Paul McCartney’s first film score.

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Pegg co-wrote Shawn, but not this. Pegg and Frost don’t even appear to star in this, they are listed as “with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost”, so I would expect they are basically extended cameos

Worlds end is the sequel to hot fuzz, no?

OH yes, very familiar with Prodigy and this song, didn’t know who Mills was, nor that he was on that song, but good to know! Thanks.

Assuming this was a genuine question, nope. Different characters. But I guess you could say it was sort of a sequel in the sense of they had the same creative team.

Exactly. If it’s starring Pegg and Frost, written by Pegg and Wright, and directed by Wright, you get the Cornetto Trilogy. Starring Pegg and Frost, written by Pegg and Frost, and not directed by Wright, you get Paul. This is “with” Pegg and Frost, and no creative contribution from any of Pegg, Frost, or Wright.

If I see one movie this Hallowe’en season, it’ll be… not this. Because Bohemian Rhapsody is out later that week.

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@Gutierrez gets it


It’s a sequel as it is the third part of a trilogy of comedy pastiches.