Get Lucky



Instead of going on at length about how awesome I found the recent film of which you speak I’m just going to say that I’d love to see Nick Frost in more things. In at least one interview Pegg has talked about how funny Frost is, and how he did ten stand up performances–five of which were good, and five of which were the worst experiences of Frost’s life.

Hey, we all have hits and misses. I just feel that, unlike Pegg, who’s had a great and well-deserved career so far, Frost’s enormous talent has barely begun to be tapped. And this particular performance just deepens that belief.


If that whole movie star thing doesn’t work out for Simon Pegg, he’s certainly got a future in radio!


Heresy! Everyone knows that “Lucky” is a large predatory member of the feline family who lives near the Mediterranean Basin late in the 11300s.

Nick Frost will always have a soft spot in my heart. I was trying to fly home from being in London for a month, and I dislocated my kneecap in the airport. I caught a flight the next day, but my leg was in an enormous splint and I had to be wheeled around the airport. At the baggage claim, my very petite friend went to grab my very heavy bag and wrestle it off of the carousal. Then this nice gentleman swooped in and grabbed the bag for her and gave her a huge lovely smile. Franted, I was on a lot of pain killers and I had just watched “Hot Fuzz” on the plane home, but I swear to you, Nick Frost helped my friend with my luggage.


Nick Frost is also a talented driver. I saw him on “Top Gear” with Simon Pegg a few years back, and he not only went pretty fast, he was also very consistent. His laps were all within a tenth of a second of one another, if memory serves. Jeremy was very complimentary, which is unusual with a male guest. Multi-talented :smile:

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yeah, he got a pretty damn good lap time, and it’s always fun watching the two together. They’re like an old married couple.

Hah, it was like listening to Jean-Luc Picard recite the song, his voice reminds me so much of Patrick Stewart.

Jeremy is usually pretty complimentary to ALL guests, actually.

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