Simone Giertz makes a chair/bed for her special needs dog Scraps

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How does one go about nominating a person as a National Treasure?
Uh, asking for a… a fan. A big fan.
Her joy in life and making things is wonderful.
One of the few bright lights to set your sails by.

Gonna watch again with the Enkling once he rises from his slumbers (and unplugs from his fondleslab (damn smartamafones!)


I love that chair! Probably the only thing I’d add is wheels. And maybe some lumbar support for myself!

It would be great fun drawing on napkins with Simone.


I love it that Simone retains the moments other people might edit out: falling tools, breaking parts, recalcitrant clients…She helps me feel that makers don’t have to be perfect & that failure can be funny & even enjoyable if you just accept it & keep going.


This is definitely NOT the New Yankee Workshop.


it’s been my experience that dogs are sometimes not fans of open stairs. closing them off by turning them into drawers may have been what helped make the dog more comfortable using those steps


I was just thinking it seems high for most non-standing desks, so I’d replace the legs with caster wheels.


Hey now! There is room in this great big old world for both Simone AND Norm Abram!


There absolutely is room for both, and this world is a better place for it.


I would love to see Simone Giertz show up on an episode of This Old House, honestly. Or someone from This Old House show up in one of her videos… Sadly, I believe they are on opposite coasts to each other.


Fine, but I bet it would be more fun to watch Simone and Roy Underhill take on a project together.



I wish that this video was in smell-o-vision for that freshly cut wood smell. :kissing_heart:

I love to watch enthusiastic people going about their tasks; and the fact that it is woodwork is the French-polished veneer on the armoire.

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I have this weird sort of synesthesia where I can smell stuff when I’m watching videos on youtube.

So I get all those workshop smells - epoxy, machine coolant, hot glue, everything.


I just get the small dog smell; but that might just mean it is time from my bath.


$700! Ouch!

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Out of curiosity: does that only include visually-induced vivid recall of smells you are familiar with from experience; or do you get some sort of plausible-but-technically-confabulated scent when a video includes something you have never smelled in person?

Having a relatively immediate and intense olfactory recall, rather than “yeah, I can imagine what that operation would smell like”, isn’t something I do; but it’s a difference of degree rather than kind from what I do experience and (I think) I can imagine what it would be like.

Experiencing some sort of plausibly-interpolated scents that one has never actually formed a memory of, in place of a memory recall, though, is straight into “whatever the brain does, it’s objectively witchcraft” territory; though it certainly wouldn’t be any more implausible than something like blindsight, and that’s totally a thing.

I feel strongly that it’s a memory trick rather than an actual superpower.

I’m pretty sure it only happens with things that I am very familiar with. And I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think it happens with TV and movies (EDIT in movie theaters).

It’s not just workshop smells. It’s environmental smells too. And things like Avgas, Diesel, Petrol. Not so much food smells I think, but I don’t really watch food stuff.

There are a couple of oddities though. When I was a preschooler I used to watch manufacturing tech videos with my dad, and when I remember this, the workshop smells are included in the memory - Presumably retroactively.

Also, as a kid watching pirate movies I noticed that pirates really liked rum and I had a preconceived notion of what rum tasted like. As a grown-up I was disappointed to discover that rum doesn’t taste anything like I had imagined. Until about a year or two ago when I tasted Venezuelan Aniversario rum.

Aniversario rum tastes exactly as I had imagined pirate rum as a child. I have no rational explanation for this, so maybe it is a superpower.


I guess we all need to “smash the like and subscribe buttons” a bit more so everyone has a chance to use Apple hardware!?

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