The amazing, shitty robots of Simone Giertz


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Need to shitty chop across the wood grain- to stop the splintering.


She’s also the newest member of the Tested team. She’s already done one shitty robot build with Adam Savage, though she was living overseas in Sweden at the time. As far as i understand it she is moving to the US so she can be more hands on with upcoming projects. Which is awesome and i really look forward to her bringing her comedic sensibilities to the team and i hope she picks up new building techniques from them.



Disappointed she didn’t splice in the Choppin’ Broccoli song in there…


She lives (lived?) on an awesome houseboat which she gives a tour of in one of her videos.

One of my favorites is the breakfast machine:

It just seems so dejected. Like it knows how shitty it is.


I remember seeing her slapping alarm clock video and enjoying it. Thanks for reminding me about her. I’ve subscribed so I don’t miss anything. She’s got just the right attitude in these videos. Actually trying to make something that sort of works, but realizing they are going to be shitty, not worrying about it, and just having fun with it.


I have a new hero.


If she’s the Queen, Jim Whiting is the King.


I think the country of Japan is the reigning champion. They have a “crappy robot” competition that has been previously reported on BB


I like the way you have to concentrate on something else…
the ultimate -get out jail- multi-pass we desire


Gogol Bordello would do a fantastic cover of that song.


Chopping machine vid from 2:37 == smashthepatriarchy.gif


Simone actually riffed on that in one of her presentations by stating it’s the perfect clip for people that send you unwanted dick picks.


There’s something about slightly nuts self-taught bot builders and living on houseboats…


Giertz Amendment to the “Three Laws of Robotics”

“Fuck that shit.”


I love how she shows the robots: She’s reading a book, and just turning the thing on and seemingly ignoring it (as it destroys itself and/or other things). That robot pouring cereal and milk all over the place–hilarious!


She has great comedic sensibility, the robots and the situation is inherently funny so her playing it straight really sells it. I don’t think i would enjoy it was much if she played it up with a wink and a nod.


The armPhone episode…I’m still giggling