Simone Giertz is a “DIY astronaut”


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That’s great.


Girls / Women are awesome. I’m married to one, so I should know.


Now I want to see a reboot of the TV series Salvage 1 with Simone Giertz.

  1. Dammit! I wish I had a daughter to show stuff like this to.

  2. Nerd swoon. She’s adorbs.


Said it before, but must say it again: Simone Giertz is a treasure.


She is most definitely not a contemporary Rube Goldberg.


I came here to see the inevitable shit talking about Simone and, for once, I did not have my expectations fulfilled.


Turned my 13 year-old daughter on to her a while back. It’s one of the few channels she’s actually subscribed to!


second the 'nerdswoon"

we MUST begin glorifying Science and Exploration - not reality tv BS and Drama

go Simone!!! :slight_smile:


You realize this is BoingBoing, right?


Yep. You think these threads aren’t full of shit talking about people doing cool things? Are you new?


Wait, we have about 5 more days to go before the thread closes!


This makes me want to troll post so hard, but I’ll let someone else be the reason why we can’t have nice things this time.

Seriously: The lady in the video is doing a thing that engages with both the fantasy and reality of space travel. I hadn’t even thought to do this, but she got off her ass and actually did it. I like space, except for the lack of oxygen and high levels of radiation, so I’m into this.


If only I was 40 years younger… :heart_eyes:

BTW, who isn’t reminded of the “Space Sphere” from Portal 2?


This reminds me of Tom Sachs’ “Space Program 2.0” with a plywood and duct taped mission to Mars. You can probably download “Space Program 1.0” on Youtube, but 2.0 was even better.


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