Simone Giertz, queen of the shitty robots, has a brain tumor


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No fucking way. That’s horrible, i’m a big fan of hers and definitely love her affable self-depricating humor. I really wish her the best though whatever the outcome is but i hope for the best for her.


Good luck for the operation and for a speedy recovery.

I know the feels though. My back was broken when I was hit and thrown in the air by a pickup truck once. All the witnesses were worried about whether I’d be able to walk after that (I was), but I was more worried about which member of my family was going to have to wipe my ass for me the rest of my life.


When I saw her post on youtube, I was “Ok, what crazy robot is giving her hell now? haha.”

Then i watched video… oh damn…

Truely hope she pulls through this unscathed as possible. <3 Simone


OH man, that’s rough. Though I have a friend who had this and hes doing fine. Well, he is a pessimistic, nihilistic mess, but his tumor is gone. I hope she has a similar outcome!

I am so “lucky” that my genetic disease is a funky mutation (yes, I am a literal mutant), meaning unlike normal sufferers, I should be forming neuro fibromas in my spine or brain. Knock on wood I don’t get the normal kind.


I love her sense of humor in the face of what she’s dealing with. So important to have. I wish her all the best for a safe surgery and speedy recovery.


The Fuck. Right now it really feels like half the people I know, more than that even, are dealing with cancer or with other epic health concerns. I don’t even say “Fuck Cancer” anymore, I just say, “Fuck for-profit medicine”


I’m pretty much just at “Fuck.”


That amount or grace, thankfulness and humility under such a dark cloud makes Simone stronger than a one-eyed superhero I’ve heard of:


Give that tumor hell.

#tumorhumor #poortasteoutoflove


Bah. Problems after surgery? She’ll just make a robot…


My cousin is a prolific knitter and designer for Nike. She gets flown all over the world, doing things like troubleshooting patterns in the machines that knit socks. She’s a fascinating person and was recently diagnosed with one of the most aggressive cancers a person can have.

Whenever I hear a story like this, it always makes me marvel that I have so little to offer the world in comparison to some people. Here I am, a chubby, lazy smoker who skates by most of the time in perfect health while others struggle daily to accomplish these bizarre and wonderful dreams.


I know it’s tempting to ascribe superhuman qualities to people with these sorts of existential problems, but Im told its actually not a great practice. Sure, it makes the speaker feel better - (after all, burdened with merely normal problems, you or I don’t need to be superhuman) - but it only serves to further isolate the afflicted person.

She has been a funny lady with the robots, now she’s a funny lady with the tumor, and I’m looking forward to her having a full recovery and being funny in her stories about that. I don’t want her to need to be superhuman for any of it, though.



I’ve been down this road, was strangely fortunate to have the surgery scheduled for less than a week from when I learned about the tumor. They actually had the OR booked before I even saw the MRI results.

It was a weird few days. She’s going to have a hard month of waiting / worry / mind games.



This only happens to the good ones.

Every year I volunteer as a bike mechanic for a cancer charity. I keep a list in my toolbox of the people I know with the disease, as a reminder of why I am there. It’s too long already, but it just got one name longer.

Three years ago I had to make the worst addition to the list, my partner Susan. After 3 different chemo cocktails, they decided that it was time to open her up, and remove things, so 3 weeks ago she had surgery. In her case, she had to wait 6 weeks between the decision and the operation as the last round of chemo had to clear away before they could do anything… It was a very anxious time.


I’m sorry you and your partner had to endure such a thing. How is she? Hope everything turns out ok.


Damn that sucks, I hope she pulls through. My favorite shitty robot she designed was her hand slapping alarm clock. Hey it works, no way can you sleep through it.


Ach! No fair. She’s such an absolute delight.

I can’t help thinking this would make for an excellent installment for her YouTube channel. Maybe even build a shitty robot “assistant” for the surgery:

doctor: “Scalpel”
shitty robot: hands doctor spatula covered in peanut butter.

Godspeed you beautiful weirdo.


FSM dammit! Stop this simulation, I’d like to reboot the dang thing.

Fight hard dear lady, stay strong, keep being you.

Love Enk, Enkwife and the Enklings


FWIW, the computer guided surgery stuff they use these days is amazing. It’s not robots, but I’m confident she’d love it if she was going to be awake to witness it.

In my case, the computer had a complete map of where things were in my head, where my head was in the room, and where all the instruments are. The surgeons can see what’s coming before they cut into it.

I keep thinking that the neurosurgeons who spend hours using this kind of stuff (Medtronic StealthStation, for example) must feel like absolute neanderthals when cutting fruit and veg in their kitchens: “How can I cut this green pepper without knowing in advance the location of each seed?”


Fuck cancer.
But I think she’ll make it, and will be back with a robot glass eye.