Roboticist Simone Giertz describes her recovery from brain surgery

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Simone’s pre- and post-op videos have been an emotional rollercoaster for me.

My brain went through something very similar about a year ago (even including the asshole-inducing steroids, according to my wife). These few videos have caused much of that experience to come flooding back, but this time I’m not numb with shock like I was immediately after my diagnosis.

I’ve cried for her several times in the last couple of months, am so glad she’s okay.


I’m glad to hear that Simone Giertz is up and about again, and hope that this is “all clear” for her. She is a really inspirational person.


We’re all glad you’re both with us still. Thanks for sharing.


Best news of the day so far!


Can’t wait for the shitty robot that she builds to fill in the missing brains.


great news for a change, keep em coming, simone!

Even with insurance (which she luckily had)

of course she has health-insurance, andrea; she is swedish: (edit/ but lives in california, as mentioned by dfaris/ichibut, my bad)

She’s a swede living in San Francisco. I don’t think she went home for the operation, did she?

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Her surgery was done in the US, her family came from Sweden for support.



ups. @dfaris/@ichibut: I had no idea. Or forgot (that would be embarrassing) but then I wonder if shes insured trough her home-country or does she need an exclusive US-insurance?

I think if you are living in the US for any length of time (ie, holiday insurance won’t cut it) then you’d need to get local health insurance.
In Europe you just get a special card, which means you can get treated in any country in Europe. (For free obviously, these are civilised countries we’re talking about).

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