Simone "Shitty Robots" Giertz has big, makerish plans for her brain tumor

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Thank FSM she has insurance, and kudos for her strong outlook.

That quarter-million-ish bill the hospital would try to stick uninsured or under-insured patients with on pain of destitution? The insurance company will pay maybe 10% of that because for-profit insurers, Big Hospital and Big Pharma are basically running a colossal scam on the the American public with the help of complicit politicians dupping voters into voting for their own poverty and illness.


While it is a tumor, it isn’t cancer as she says in the video. More of a lazy couch surfing underachieving growth rather than cancer.

Treatment is pretty much the same though.


Slightly dissapointed with the article, after the headline,It seems she is not using brain tumor as a building material.


It sucks and I’m sorry for her. She’s a nice person and she does creative work. I hope everything goes well so I can see some more shitty robots. Get better soon.


I wonder if she could dress it up so she looks like Bane?


Simone is an amazing person, and I’m so glad to see the outpouring of support through her Patreon, which is paying her rent, her employees’ salary, and helping with her medical bills.


Or even an out of control blob megaconsciousness.

(Spoilers ahead, but really, how have you never seen Akira?)


Hell I thought I was too old to fall in love especially given that I was a queer kid back when they still rounded us up and fed us to the hogs. Well, I don’t give a shit ….Simone, I love you. You’re batshit nuts and you love it. Those were some of the best expressions of “fuck it, I’m Nuts” that I’ve ever seen. Kind of, just for a minute when I saw that color I thought maybe you had pureed the other disgusting orange thing in america but I knew that was too good to hope for.

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On the other hand, I’m relieved that it’s not a plucky bootstraps story about attempting tumor-removal-by-shitty-robot because no health insurance.


The real news here is that the brain tumor (or growth) that has been removed in the linked video, with surgery, has started growing again. Really fucking sad, Simone is such a hero, I really hope she is going to come out of this alright.


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