Simone Giertz on why we all should be making useless things


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Great! My entire life is a “useless thing.”


All the best to this amusing and informative person.


What she’s talking about is Chindōgu, it’s been around for a while. This is a pretty good link:

Seems she was also inspired by the Charlie Chaplin film Modern Times, which I would also recommend watching the clip and the movie in its entirety:

The only thing that I’ve been concerned about is wasted material (like the googly eye shirt), but so long as the inspiration outweighs the waste I’m good with it.


why we all should be making useless things

Welcome to my work day.


I’ll go one better; I don’t even make useless things.


Your commenting here, though likely that’s one rung up the ladder from useless.


I really like her message of being willing to build things that fail. I know that’s critical to my own hobby building, and have no idea where I learned it from. I spent 3+ years building a custom motorcycle suspension / steering system, and made many parts twwo or three times because I got them wrong or fucked them up while learning to do machining. Then I spent another couple months trying to break it using a heavy metal frame, turnbuckles, levers, and a crane scale to measure the forces involved. Could have been a huge mess, but better in the frame than on the road.

Good luck to her and her medical care. I was lucky enough to be in a government union when I found out I needed open heart surgery to replace my aorta due to a birth defect, but I suppose being an internet celebrity may be near as good.




How about a little more love for Juicero, then??


There’s your difference between failing fast and cheap, and just failing…


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