Simone Giertz does a project to make herself feel better

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“I’m treating myself to a day of wearing sweatpants and…”

Amen sister.

I’ve got so many projects to do that when I feel overwhelmed or can’t decide what’s next, I just choose the one I WANT to do, regardless of what NEEDS to be done. Life’s too short to be stressed out for no good reason.


Thanks! Those bits of latex on the lawn can be annoying.



Any idea what the green cloth was for? Cleaning the holes?

This is a lovely project and video. I love that she’s so open about the feels.
One of the biggest risks of following your passion for a job/career (imho) is that you make it, then it turns into a job and loses the fun bits. It’s so healthy that she could notice that creeping in and go back to making something for the sheer joy of making something with your hands.
I have a little idea box so when I come up with an art or writing or maker project but don’t have the time or motivation I can jot it on a scrap of paper and drop it in. Then when I need a self-care project like this but lack inspiration I can just pick something out. Highly recommend.


From here

I got dragged into watching more of her videos.


doggy poo bags are somewhere mentioned.

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