Simone Giertz combines a plant and a lamp and creates a "plamp"

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You had me at “Simone Giertz”.


A treasure for every nation.

I love how she answers the question “how on earth are you going to water that?”


That came out really nice! I want a plamp!


I love how when she moved another houseplant to fill the void left by the now-in-a-plamp plant, she said “the cycle continues.” Very relatable. Happens to me anytime I repot something and end up with an empty pot that needs filling.

Suspicious Monkey GIF by MOODMAN


I recently acquired Swedish citizenship.
I’m very proud to share one with Simone Giertz.


But there’s already a plamp! It’s a PLant clAMP for photography -

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Those things already look scary now…wait till they grow!

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If I didn’t have a black thumb, I’d be all about plamp. It’s a struggle already to just keep plants alive that are at eye level and next to the sink.

Fun side note: all around Savannah are massive live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, and some (due to bird travels) have little palm trees growing from branch crotches that retain dirt/mulch. Years ago I dubbed the combo “ploaks” with about the same level of initial ambivalence as Simone had for “plamp”. (Ploaks has not caught on).

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