Simone Giertz revisits (and upgrades) Truckla after five years

Originally published at: Simone Giertz revisits (and upgrades) Truckla after five years | Boing Boing


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Come on, I despise Mush just as much as the next BBSer, but that’s simply not true:

See, it’s electric and everything! And the cargo area is just as useful as its full-size counterpart.


I saw the video of Truckla coming into reality when she released it, so it was great to get a follow up now. It really is what Tesla should have made for a pickup instead of that weird abomination that now no one wants as Ford and others have released theirs to the market. Truckla is wonderful and Simone is always a blast to watch.


Good for her! She was brave to take on a job like that, having no custom car building experience at all. They did a number of cringey things in the initial build, but also good on them for bringing in experts to finish it properly. Courage for new projects is great, but knowing when you don’t know enough to do something right is also great. There’s no shame in consulting experts.

Simone is so awesome. :smile:


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