Simple relief from ever present carpal tunnel pain

I use a Martin D-15 or HD-28 for hand stretching and strengthening. I’m very out of practice tho.


Lemons to lemonade…have you heard of “the stranger”?


The death god from A Song of Ice and Fire?

more of the Urban Dictionary version…
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Yep. Rendered from emu fat.

The active ingredient, trolamine salicylate, is also widely available in a variety of other brands of topical cremes and transdermal patches - “Aspercreme” is a popular one - if anyone’s interested in an emu-free version.


An emulation of the original?


surgery was the best thing I ever did for my hands.

my hands were to the point that I couldn’t make a fist. i hadn’t been able to trust that i had a grip on anything for years. quite often I’d leave my cube holding a piece of paper to only drop it a third of the way to my destination.

about a year before surgery I went to open a door at a convenience store… i wanted a pepsi. but no! nerve pain shot up the insides of my middle fingers and my hand was useless for five straight days. the only time i’ve ever signed my signature with an actual “X”.

braces, trackballs, tinctures be damned. go to a genuwine doctor and if they suggest surgery, do it. and none of that mamby-pamby endoscopic nonsense… have that surgeon open your hands up.

Much to the surprise of the surgeon, I opted to have it done local (they were having issues with my beard and the mask). He and I were chatting away when I could feel the pressure release when he cut through the ligament. I said something along the lines of “Ah… there it is!” and he replied with, and I’ll never forget it, “Damn! It was like opening a can of biscuits!”. The room guffawed then he told me to stop making him laugh cuz he needed to concentrate on the stitches.


Get a yo-yo.

Simple, cheap, effective and fun.

You’re welcome.

“Open your hands up” sounds great unless you make keloid scars. I’ll take the namby-pamby thanks.

I’m kind of creeped out by the idea of emu oil. WebMD says it’s obtained “from the fat of the bird during processing.”

So unless Australians, I guess, are eating emus like we eat chicken in the US, I hate to think a bunch of emus give their lives for a tube of arthritis cream.

How 'bout panda juice?


I had carpal tunnel in both hands, to the point where the pain stopped and I had no feeling at all below the wrist. I was repeatedly told that I needed surgery on both, by various white-coated hierophants and psychopomps of corporate medicine.

But I fixed my carpal tunnels, by myself. It took two years, but it took more than six years to do the damage, so I figure I did pretty good.

All I did was correct the unergonomic situation (typing posture and driving posture) and wear rigid braces whilst sleeping or driving and take vitamin B6 daily. A couple of decades later, I’m still fine.

But I did not use painkillers at any point, which limited the amount of damage I could do to myself without being aware of it. I only use painkillers for migraines or surgery.

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Need an emulator for testing I suppose.


I haven’t used Salonpas for carpal tunnel, but I found they gave moderate relief on the tendonitis in my wrist.

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well there is that… unfortunately the rate of recurrence is much higher. i wish you luck if you have the procedure done.

I can’t recommend surgery highly enough for those fortunate enough to have access (and a good surgeon).

Before my bilateral carpal tunnel release surgery, the best relief I could get was:

  • running hands under hot water (feels soooo good)

  • that pec/full arm stretch where you stand side-on to a wall (feet together), place palm of outstretched arm against wall at shoulder level and tilt your whole body away.

I was very fortunate to have one of best and most practiced surgeons in the biz (he lived next to a factory with thousands of RSI sufferers) who would often lecture tour around the world due to his record low recovery times. I was back at light duties within 10 days of surgery on both wrists.

My only concern with having both wrists done was bathroom methodologies (no probs luckily) and leaving some house windows open in case of fire (there was no way I could open my ancient door/window latches fin case of emergency).

I’ll never forget the op . When the surgeon asked if I wanted to watch (and I declined) he actually pestered me until I complied! When he got me to form a fist a few times I remember seeing my tendons moving up and down in response.

I’ve never looked at this scene the same since!


Aloe Vera, 'ow are you?

My hands go numb on long bike rides. Would this stuff help?


Sadly, I doubt it. I have the same problem on my motorcycles. You need to adjust seated position, core strength and not lean on your hands as much. This will slow down the soreness, but you’ll still get there.


It’s like Almond oil, or Baby oil.


I prefer arthritis cream (generic store brand of aspercreme) - has the trolamine salicylate, but don’t have to pay extra for added bird grease.


Johnny Bench endorses it, and it’s a good bet his muscles and joints have taken more abuse than most of ours.

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