Since we all hate United already, let's show how awful their mobile app is


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To be fair most airline mobile apps are pretty damn terrible (and so are their websites).



I think the Itunes reviewers might already be onto this:


I have to agree, the app does take forever to load. I’m not sure what could possibly explain the sluggishness, unless it’s having to interface with that one server in United’s basement that’s been doing the schedules since 1985, and everyone is afraid to touch it for fear the dust holding it together might come off and the whole thing would come crashing down.


The mobile dev guys are like, “Come on! We didn’t do shit!..Oh, that part does suck. Jesus who made this? I don’t remember that dialog. WTF!”


Well the bad UI helps them make their pricing obtuse. The goal is to get to to the “OMG just let me out of here, sell me the ticket already!” point.


To be fair, no one told them the app shouldn’t work like it does.
I know how to weasel my way around any half assed online trained Project Manager.




Is this the new version with a drag-and-drop feature?



“I’d like one ticket to Chicago.”

“Beating, or Non-Beating?”


Got a text at about 4:30am on Sunday morning last week while I was in SF for work…My United flight was cancelled. After a week of looking at this message, I still don’t know why the flight was cancelled. I ended up booking Virgin Airlines direct(rather than a stop/layover on United) for $177 cheaper. When I tried to book a new flight with United, I just kept getting errors…

EDIT: Just checked. The text came in at 4:07am.


Now this is the kinda doxing I can get behind.


If you were flying directly to Eureka the cancelation was due to fog, very common for our area. Methinks it wasn’t a direct flight though, as Virgin doesn’t fly here. In fact we have the great distinction of only being able to fly United as no other carriers find it worth their money to come here.


Good eye. It was a flight from SFO to ACV on United, 44 minute layover(Eureka!), then PenAir flight from ACV to PDX. Corporate office in Chicago did the booking…totaled out to $677 for SFO to PDX.

The direct, first class seat on Virgin that I booked was $498. That flight was delayed for 3 hours and 36 minutes, but otherwise very comfortable.


For what it’s worth, I use United’s app all the time. No problems. And I ALWAYS use it to check in because cheap upgrades often pop up that aren’t available when checking on with a computer.


There’s something downright perverse about using a 149-slide presentation to complain about a bad app UI. That’s gotta be a joke, right? I ain’t falling for it.


I thought so at first too, but it drew me in and was pretty funny. I even went and looked at the other ones. The Super Mario Run tear down was amusing as well.


The title of this article has a COMPLETELY different meaning to British readers who like football. I mean soccer.

No, I mean football.