Singaporean bank stops lending money to UK property speculators

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So, Brexit might have something of a silver lining then? Or will the British economy tank so much from the real estate market crash’s impact and the EU’s example-making that, no matter how much the London market prices normalize, average British subjects still won’t be able to afford housing?


Not answering your question, but want to point out that despite the urban legend to the contrary, Britons are citizens, not subjects.


Had to answer this question on the “Life in the UK Test” to attain British Citizenship.


The Brexit is a gift that keeps giving. Can’t stop laughing with schadenfreude - this whole thing is stupid beyond believe.

Latest joke is Johnson refusing to run for leadership.

You’d think that career politicians had even the slightest inkling what they’re planing to do if the campaign they backed won. Instead we get collective shrugging and lot’s of “What now, guys? Guys?”

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Huh. Noted. Wonder where that particular one comes from?

From what I can remember, it used to be true, but the EU insisted that British people be citizens.

I’m too tired to go looking to find out which treaty it was in.


While this would have been great news a year ago in that it might have helped bring a soft landing to Britain’s overheated housing market, I feel this is likely to be one of a huge pile of things that’s likely to cause a very hard landing.

And as much of the world learned in 2008, there’s no escaping the system. If there’s a huge housing crash, life will become quite brutal for all but the poorest of Britons that have nothing to lose.

Much as I disagree with the UK voters choice to leave the EU, it was their choice, and I hope the cost is as minimal as possible for both the UK and the EU. I am pessimistic, however, as to what will constitute minimal.

Unlike most of the politicians in my country I think they should suffer, hard. Stupid people apparently don’t get the lesson by any other means. The superiority complex in the UK needs to die. Being the “sick man of Europe” once wasn’t enough it seems, perhaps a re-run will help realizing the empire’s gone.

“Spare the rod”, eh? That’s an attitude that’s had a lot of company over the last several thousand years.

I look at it more like a divorce. I’ve seen too many where the need to punish the ‘guilty’ partner has laid waste to both parents and the children.


Moral Hazard. That is all.

Quick, someone get me a shovel and a dynamo! I’m going to dig up George Santayana and solve the world’s energy needs!

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