Sirens of the Lambs: Banksy's shrieking toy-stuffed meat van tours New York



PETA would be well advised to take lessons from Banksy. This is far more effective than their usual nonsense.


PETA should hire him.


So is it animatronic, or are there puppeteers back there?

The kid at the end is the best part for sure.

Oh come on. It’s getting to where every surreal thing gets credited to Banksy. Soon he will be responsible for eclipses and climate change.

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This seems pretty effective - but consult your local de-constructionist/po-mo licensed maven/maverick: it doesn’t exist because the avant-guarde is officially dead.

A clip from the final Muppet movie.


I know! I mean, just because Banksy clearly took credit for this project on his web site and there is zero evidence to dispute that claim everybody’s just rushing to assume this is some kind of “Banksy” piece.


I was going to say it looks pretty much exactly like PETA’s usual nonsense.

See? That just proves my point, or would if I had one.

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Nah. PETA would have made it shrieking scantily clad women instead of stuffed animals - stuffed animals are a too obvious symbolism.

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And they wouldn’t have swept the truck for lowjack!

Britain, can we keep Banksy? Please!!!

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I read somewhere that it’s puppeteers inside the truck, variously thrusting their hands up the critters’ bums.

Actually, the cruel irony is that Banksy brutalized actual animals by stuffing them into plush costumes.

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