Siskel & Ebert's take on 'Pulp Fiction' when it first hit theaters (1994)


Blame that one on the man himself; he has a notorious foot fetish.


I don’t think it’s awful. It’s definitely overrated, though. I mean, I totally get what he was going for with it, but it’s largely surpassed by the films he’s trying to ape.


Samuel L Jackson goading the racist Confederate army officer;

I hated that scene too, for the same reason. It was gratuitous, meant to more to ‘shock’ the viewers than to advance the plot in any meaningful way.

Scenes like that reek of Tarantino being an attention whore; “look at me, look how ‘edgy’ I am!”


Had Tarantino held back in this scene the goading would have been clever and sly. Instead we get the equivalent of trying to pick a lock with a metric ton of TNT.


Yep, like using a shotgun on a field mouse; total overkill.


After his bit as an Aussie in Django, I’m convinced he puts himself in those roles to add a little campiness. Why, I don’t know. You figure he’d’ve gotten that out of his system with Death Proof.


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Ugh, Warren, the bartender.

He should have stopped putting himself in movies after Dusk Till Dawn… (Yes, I know that was Rob Rodriguez’s film. My point still stands.)


Dusk 'Til Dawn remains one of the most unique first-time film viewings of my life for the simple reason that I knew almost nothing about it and thought it was just a modern Western.

I’m not sure I’ll ever reach the same level of surprise as that which I felt about forty minutes into that particular viewing.


I showed it to my kid for the first time a couple weeks ago; she didn’t like it.


I did not know that. Must be why the feet here, too. Which is such a great scene -


If you pay attention, women’s feet pop up a lot in pretty much any Tarantino-related flick;

From Salma Hayek’s unforgettable table dance in DTD, to the discussion about foot massages and Mia Wallace doing the Twist barefoot in Pulp Fiction, to pretty much every non-violent scene in Death Proof…


For what it’s worth, I don’t know too many folks IRL who constantly prop their feet out of moving vehicles, (probably out of fear of what happened to ‘Jungle Julia’ happening to them during an accident.)


Hahaha. One time my wife and I were going somewhere and we had the sunroof and windows open and she stuck her foot up like that and I was like “hey, don’t you remember Death Proof??”


Maybe it’s just me.

I’ve been wary of propping any body part out of a car window since I saw a B horror movie with Michael Caine, where he lost a hand that way when I was like 8 years old…



I’ve always avoided it myself. Accidents happen… the car can flip, another car can collide on your side, etc. I tend to be overly cautious about a lot of things but i’d say it’s probably good practice not to hang body parts out of a moving vehicle.




I haven’t been able to look at “Stuck In The Middle With You” the same way since I saw Reservoir Dogs.


Same here; damn Mr. Blonde…



Or the former! King wasn’t exactly giving an Oscar-worthy performance as the ATM user in Maximum Overdrive.