Site tells you whether you need an umbrella today

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When does the “you need a hug” website come on line?


Unless you are a native of the northwest.

In Portland and Seattle, most of the people who use umbrellas are not natives. That’s one way we keep track of each other.


It almost reminds me of the late lamented

It would just say “It’s fucking hot!” or “It’s fucking cold!”

Currently offline with a message of “We’ll be right fucking back.”

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Mileage may vary. Does not seem to let the user know if they may be attacked by thugs.

Scottish version, with the same idea…

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Doge Weather

I miss being able to take umbrage.

Yeah, remind me to check it again when I don’t live in one of Europe’s rainiest cities? This is just a depressing website

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That site would be Useless in Seattle, too, also.

My then BF’s oldest brother yelled at us when we wound up in Seattle after leaving Detroit. “Are you nuts?! You’ve gone from the city with the second least number of sunny days in the US to the city with the least sunny days per year!”

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