National Weather Service forecast: You are basically screwed




The only thing they're missing is the rain of frogs.


watch out for falling houses and wizards in hot air balloons


Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!


Too bad they removed that a few minutes later. However, you can still get at the original if you use the Highlight changed discussion feature.

I think that this link will be good until they release their next forecast.


philthydelphia went from >60F to 28F in less than twelve hours yesterday. i think that is a personal experience record (given staying at the same position).


Wow, fires and floods at the same time. Is it raining gasoline or something?


Where's the hot hail?


I live in Baltimore so, basically, threatening looking skies, followed by a dip in the temperature, and then winds that howled so hard they drowned out the blare of the CSX freight trains which rumble by my place. So, yeah, not that bad?


Somewhere outthere Ming the Merciless is watching us through his mega-telescope and
laughing with twisted pleasure.
Or do I mean Mitt? Same thing I guess.
Where is Flash when we need him (no, Adobe, not you).


Martin O'Malley just needs to let the Children of Israel go


I live in Los Angeles. What, no mud slides? No earthquakes? No miles of valley inundated with apocalyptic fires? Amateurs!


“something for everyone,” indeed… except, of course, for fans of lowercase letters.


Or as we call it in Minnesota, "Tuesday".


I'd really like to see Angelinos try to cope with 2 feet of snow and -15 windchills.


Yes, Angelenos can't handle weather: we'd do Chinese fire drills if the
temperature ever plummeted to 40'


This is, in a nutshell, what the weather in Maryland is usually like:


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