Panda frolicking in snow at DC's National Zoo is all of us in #Blizzard2016

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There’s frolicking in Philly today too. Great time for a walk. Driving - no so much.

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I’m jealous. We haven’t even hit 2 feet for the whole winter yet, and you mid-atlantic states are hogging this storm all to yourselves.

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That’s philly.

This is DC-- or more precisely, Northern Virginia.

I should point out that it’s still snowing. I just left the shutter open for 10 seconds to get enough light,


and here is Bethesda:


That was at 11 - during a lull. We got about 8 more inches. Not as bad as DC. But, having lived for quite a while in New England, I’m used to this. I’ll go for a walk again in the morning. But I do have the right gear for it. And living in center city, there’s likely to be some open businesses.

And we’re lucky that our power lines are under ground. Very unlikely to lose power. I’ve prepped fairly well for emergencies- but lack of heat would still be a major problem.

Good luck!


I saw “panda” and “blizzard”, assumed we were talking about this guy -

Our dog (a Tibetan terrier) loves snow, but the way the English climate is going he has been disappointed for years. It is supposed to reach 15C this afternoon, people were sitting outside at the café this morning. We have not had enough sub-zero weather to kill plant pests, so it’s going to be another growing season of consulting my conscience on pesticides.


Send him over here and he can play all he wants.

I feel with you, we have had only a vew days of frost. Highly likely not enough. Probably also need to rethink some of my anti pest control measures.

From the other site, cold and and snow is great and above some degrees latitude necessary. I feel also for the people with to much of this, especially unexpected and unprepared.

The panda helps ease the pain. This infographic explains my aversion to snow, after last winter here.
x-axis is time.

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The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep

At last an excuse to quote my favorite Robert Frost poem!


…snow never changes…

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