Snowpocalypse 2016: Big-ass blizzard blankets East Coast


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Reporting in from Raleigh. Weather wasn’t too bad but our power infrastructure wasn’t up for it and about 20,000 of us (including me) lost power.

I got it back a half hour ago but had steeled myself for a night without electricity. Or internet because my cell tower was apparently on the same power as my street and not on a generator. :anguished:

I hope everyone else is staying warm and watching movies or something instead of sitting in the cold. :slight_smile: Given the way these things have gone previously, it’s not a given that everyone in my area will get power back this weekend.


If my friends in NYC are still the same people I knew years ago, at least one of them will be running naked in the street by midnight.


What is this…“snow?”

It was 58 at midnight here last night.


It’s like the stuff sno-cones are made of falls from the sky for no reason.


I’m a few miles northeast of D.C. I’ve been here 13 years and I’ve seen some big snowstorms – so far, the power has stayed on through each one, at least right where we live (knock on wood). (Warm weather storms have been a different story.) So far we’ve only seen 4 or 5 inches today so I guess it’s really going to hit tonight & tomorrow.


In B’more we’re passing…eh…five beeers…WAIT…uh…like three/four inches? I was expecting high winds, too, but that hasn’t seemed to hit us yet. But 2+ feet? Time will tell.

Also, snow is awesome–I could sit in front of a window and watch snow fall all day long. Maybe I’m simple that way…


Ten years of sitting in traffic for four hours (on a 30 minute drive) at least once a year has somewhat dampened my enthusiasm. I don’t mean to be a curmudgeon. I’ve just been Pavlov’d.


Yeah, I can understand that. NPR had a story last night about snow plow drivers in Massachusetts and how they’d been inundated last year to the degree of having to drive 25+ hour shifts to clear all the snow. They were not exactly jumping to do it again this year. But I’m from Florida, sooo…you say water, right, water, basically rain but colder, freezes up in the sky…and then falls to Earth as a powder??? Oooohhhhhhh…that’s awesome…


The snow is blanketing my big-ass, so that people don’t stare at it in video games. It was a strategic move, seeing as that my dress is too short.


Keep warm!


Be safe everyone. If in doubt, it can wait.


I’m in Southwest Waterfront DC and frequently use the walkway where that photo of The Wharf was taken from. As of 1:00 AM Saturday the snow is about 6-7 inches and not coming down very fast now. Not really a dud, but not the snowpocalypse they were predicting.


Tom @ 1AM : “not the snowpocalypse they were predicting.”

Jonas @ 10AM: “How ya like me now?”


Jonas @ 10AM: “How ya like me now?”

Tom @ 12 PM: Credible, credible… but still not snowpolyptic! Is this all you got?


Light covering of snow here, which will probably be gone by later this afternoon. Hope everyone further north is staying warm!



It started snowing around 8am here in central CT. 5 hours later and we have maybe 2 inches?

Not going out to see Star Wars today…


I’m probably going to be snowed in, since the sidewalks aren’t given priority and it’s rather dangerous to walk in the streets, so I caught a showing of Carol on Thursday. My last chance to see it before someone figures out that it’s not making much money.


I’m just thanking the FSM that we didn’t fly over to see my sister-in-law in our usual MLK-Day window: we’d have been travelling back Raleigh-Durham/Philadelphia/UK today. Or not.

Stay safe, all. It’s lovely to watch from indoors.