Blizzard shuts down Denver International Airport

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You weren’t flying anywhere were you?

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No. Power went off in Boulder around 5 AM and was on and off for half the day. The last time we had a storm do that was about 9 years ago. I do have some folks I work with that were planning on returning to the state today who’s flights were canceled.


Did that video really need to be 15 minutes long? I didn’t get a whole lot out of it beyond the fact that there is snow and people are driving.

Visibility was poor, but people weren’t noticeably sliding around or having trouble stopping or starting. The guy hurrying through the red light at 10:40 didn’t slide out of the turn at all.

I didn’t watch the video, but it’s a wet spring snow with air temperatures just at the freezing point. More knocked down trees and power lines than a real driving hazard for anyone who knows how to drive in the stuff.

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How cute, the snow man is flipping off the airport.

[looks closer at the picture]

How cute, the tarmac worker is flipping off United.


Those are glo-stix and snowman is at a rave.
Traffic cone for hat and a belt as only apparel should make that obvious.



Yesterday is was in the high 60’s in Denver, today… not so much.


I snarfed. :sleepy:


I’ve read this book. Check for open wormholes to derelict temples on dead planets, and watch out for people possessed by alien parasites.

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Worst North Sea Hime (Kancolle) cosplay ever. Come on, Denver!

Please, Xeni, PLEASE-- “affecting,” not “impacting.”

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