Six charts that illuminate the state of US immigration

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A solid majority of my coworkers, including the founder and CEO, and all the managers between me and the CEO, are immigrants. They all have PhDs. Without them, the company wouldn’t exist, and I wouldn’t have the (pretty good) job that I have. This is true throughout a lot of different hi tech sectors.

The worst thing we could do for the future prosperity of this country would be to make it so people like this don’t want to come here anymore.


You’re part of the reason some people are so hot about stopping immigration. They think they’ll have a more open shot at the money if they had less competition.

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They think they are entitled to get the money without doing the work, because reasons. You know the type.


Yes, because they’re too fucking dumb to realize that money is a social construct, and that many of these companies actually created more wealth by creating something new. Most of our customers are overseas, so we’re bringing more money into the US, that wouldn’t be here if people hadn’t immigrated here and created this company.

The real problem for the folks you’re describing is not some immigrant took their job, because they wouldn’t be qualified for these jobs anyway. It’s that they can’t stand the thought of an immigrant coming here and making more than them.


I think racists would use those charts as they are as evidence of the problem. To them the fact that foreign born people are having more kids is a threat. And that chart saying that people with less than highschool education have a negative impact on the economy… what does that even mean? Like we’d all be better off if they were dead? Sounds a little genocidal to me.

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Graphs should have all axes clearly labeled with units.


Shhh! Don’t tell the white supremists that immigrants are more valuable than they are. I mean we already assumed this, but we don’t want everyone to KNOW it.

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