Interviews with Silicon Valley employees affected by new immigration policies


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The last thing we need is those people sneaking in to America and helping our Nation to compete on the world stage!


Roger That!


That is a point though - the Trump policy could benefit some other countries.


Ain’t no ‘i’ for immigrants in 'Muraca.



I hope this works, empathy is hard but we owe it to the world to help foster it.

Less seriously, why is all the audio on the right channel? that is a serious hinderance to watching the video.


I can’t hear this at all with my phone turned up to eleven. It looks worth listening at home.


Because the man is trying silence everything from the left.

Which is especially hilarious because the murrican left still seems very right to me.


As an immigrant myself I get some of those stories but OTOH the fact is when you live somewhere that didn’t issue your passport your first priority is always about your legal status of residence.


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