Trump halts some residency applications, backing off promised suspension of all immigration

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It would take a lot more than a global disease pandemic, record unemployment and widespread economic collapse to convince most middle-class white folks to take up the life of a migrant farm worker. That shit is HARD.


That and convincing Big Agg to give up a labor force with only the thinnest of legal protections that are completely undermined by being roped into the racism against and aggressive scapegoating of undocumented immigrants.


Is he imagining that there are some doctors and nurses who still want to emigrate to the US?


Supposedly, this exempts me (an H1-B Visa holder working in the US about to begin a PERM Greencard application), but I haven’t seen the specifics of the order anywhere to confirm.

Which, AFAICT, means it isn’t affecting foreign workers coming here on work visas, but those coming without a job lined up, which seems to be… about the opposite of how this is being framed - workers like me are welcome to “take American jobs”, while families are not.


Pisses me off so much to see Trumpo not only come down on illegal immigration but legal immigration channels as well. Of course it’s meant to dissuade those coming from shithole countries - not perfectly okay white people. It totally exposes the right wing wackos who bitch that their ancestors were the ones who “got in line!” when there is no line to get into anymore.

Then there’s Melania - who not only got her status due to a “genius” visa (yeah!) but who then used “chain migration” to get her parent’s naturalized too. Everyone conveniently forgets this.


It’s almost as if the policy is motivated by racism and xenophobia instead of economics.


I’d say, “Great 'shoop, Rob!”…but that one is truly disturbing. A puckered piehole in a vast waste of flesh.


Exactly, everyone reporting this story should lead with this. Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that suspends some residency applications. The same program that allowed First lady Melania Trump’s Slovenian-born parents a path to citizenship in August 2018.


Looks like a poster in a Proctologists office.

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So now he’ll blame it on the liberal democratic media which will do anything to get him out of office completely forgetting it was the same media organizations that allowed him to squeak through by releasing and running with the Clinton Investigation barely days before the election.

@beschizza You hit the nail right on the head with this closing line. “The deepest problem with media is not false balance, bias or fake news. It is the speed and frequency at which things must be posted.”


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